Annual 462/2W1 Weapons Fest Sponsorship

2018 Sponsorship Contest Status: CLOSED

Submissions: CLOSED (Design submissions are being accepted until May 28th)

Voting: CLOSED (Design voting will begin early on May 29th, and end June 8th at 8pm Mountain Time)

2018 Winner:
Eglin AFB with their "Get Some" design receiving 177 votes!

If you would like to get a quote on a design for bulk ordering outside of this contest visit the Custom Challenge Coin page.


Annual 462/2W1 Weapons Fest Sponsorship:
The selected sponsored base will be given a selection of items to give away or raise funds with, along some funds to put toward any of their Weapons Fest purchases. Total winnings will be based one current 2W1 manning of the base. Overall, if the free items are sold to raise funds a winning base with a large weapons community can raise anywhere from $1000-$1500.




    • Any active, guard or reserve 2W1 shop (Weapons Standardization, Weapons Flight, Armament Section...).
    • At the moment, If your base has already won a Weapons Fest Sponsorship from Weaponz Online, you can not win. You may still enter a design, but if your design wins again the runner-up design will win the sponsorship. You will however still receive 15 free coins of your design, if anyone has suggestions on this be sure to email me!


    • Design a new weapons coin, or submit an old coin design that is no longer available. (If you want to save me time, have any custom coin website create your initial design and send me that)
    • There may be multiple submissions per base, but only one submission per weapons AMU or shop.
    • The design must relevant to all of the weapons community, so it can not be themed to a specific squadron, base, or aircraft.
    • You must submit a 2-sided design, with a max diameter of 3" (Please have a completed artwork of the design, or pictures of an existing coin ready!).
    • Coin designs can be submitted on the Custom Challenge Coin page, in the "additional info" box at the bottom please provide:
      • A message that the quote request is an entry for the Annual Weapons Fest Sponsorship.
      • Name of your base, squadron, weapons section/flight and the person or people who designed the coin.
      • The coin design can be e-mailed as an attachment when I respond to your entry or as a reply to the automated confirmation e-mail.


    • Only 1 base will be selected for their weapons fest to be sponsored.
    • After we receive all the design submissions, the designs will be put up for voting with "likes" on our " FaceBook" page.
    • Once voting is complete, the base who has a design with the most votes will be the winner of the sponsorship.
    • If your design does not win, you can still receive 15 coins for free if it is chosen for production for Weaponz Online.
    • If you do not have an account, I would recommend registering for one and ensure you subscribe to the newsletter. Winners will be announced on Facebook, but the newsletter will get you the announcement directly to your e-mail.


    • Sponsorship package size will be dependent on the number of weapons personnel at the winning base, and delivery of items and funds will have to be coordinated through the shop flight chief, upper supervision, or individuals in charge of your weapons fest. Some of the items to be included will be:
      • A set of Custom Remove Before Flight keychains for the weapons aircraft located at the base. (50-100)
      • A set of coins of the winning design. (50-100)
      • A random selection of various other Weapons items found on the site.
      • Funds to help cover other expenses of the Weapons Fest. ($100-$200)
    • After the winner is selected, expect a wait of about 3 to 5 weeks to receive your items, as the manufacturing of new coins will take some time.


    • In the event that the winner just had their own Weapons Fest, the winnings can be used to get ready for their next weapons fest, or put toward getting ready for any other weapons based event (BBQ, holiday party...).
    • Losing coin designs may be selected for sale on the website at any point after the contest, if your design is chosen you will still receive 15 of your coin design for free.
    • Losing coin designs can be quoted for bulk production if your unit would still like to have them manufactured.
    • All designs that are submitted and chosen for production will be available on the website for all weapons personnel to purchase.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to run this better, please contact Thomas at, all submissions should be made through the "Custom Challenge Coins" page.