Annual 462/2W1 Weapons Fest Sponsorship

The Annual 462/2W1 Weapons Fest Sponsorship:
The base who wins will be given a variety of items to give away or raise funds with, along with some funds to put toward any of their Weapons Fest purchases. Overall, if the free items are sold to raise funds the winning base can raise anywhere from $1200-$1550.


  • The Primary source for updates/deadlines will be posted to our Weapons Roll Call section, you will also be able to find updates on our social media & website newsletter.


  • Any active, guard or reserve 2W1 shop (Weapons Standardization, Weapons Flight, Armament Section...).
  • A minimum of 3 different bases must submit designs before any voting will begin, so be make sure you spread the word!


  • Whether your design is hand drawn, a digital artwork, or something else, however you submit it to WeaponzOnline is how it will be displayed during voting.
    • If you reach out to other coin companies that provide free digital proofs, this will be your best option for getting a complete digital proof sent in and displayed for voting. Weaponz Online is currently only generating digital proofs for existing custom orders.
  • There may be multiple submissions per base, but only one submission per unit/shop. We recommend 1 submission per base, as the weapons fest will include all the weapons troops on the base, by submitting 2 designs from different shops you split your bases voting power.
  • Coin designs can be submitted on the Custom Challenge Coin page, in the "additional info" box at the bottom please provide:
    • A message that the quote request is an entry for the Annual Weapons Fest Contest Sponsorship.
    • Name of your base, squadron, weapons section/flight and the person or people who designed the coin.
    • The coin design can be e-mailed as an attachment when I respond to your entry or as a reply to the automated confirmation e-mail.


  • To avoid exploiting of the voting system in order to win your base free stuff, make sure you put some thought into your coin design. If it appears that you are better at sending people to vote for your design, than you were at making the design, Weaponz Online and owners of the other submissions will vote if the win should be passed to second place.
  • All designs must be original content, a previous design had to be removed due to intellectual property violations. #Aviano2019. If you did not make the design yourself, your design will need to be changed or disqualified. If you have permission from an artist to use their work, they will need to contact us to confirm and for us to make sure they are aware that the design may be put into production and available for sale on if it wins.
  • The design must relevant to as much of the weapons community as possible, so it can not be themed to a specific squadron, base, or aircraft.
  • You must submit a 2-sided design, with a max diameter of 3"
  •     ***NEW***
    • Even Years: People love the custom shape coins. Even years are open season for the design, as long it meets all the requirements above, it can be round or odd shape on even-years.
    • Odd Years: Keep it traditional, on odd years all designs are required to be round like a traditional challenge coin. This means no odd or crazy shapes on odd-years.


  • Only 1 base will be selected for their weapons fest to be sponsored.
  • After we receive all the design submissions, the designs will be put up for voting with "likes" on the Facebook page. (Voting method may change)
    • If you notice one of the designs are copying someone else's work, email us any references/info you have and we will look into it.
  • Once voting is complete, the base who has the design with the most votes will be the winner of the sponsorship.
    • If it is a truly bad design, but they were good at getting votes, a re-vote could potentially be pushed to the others who had submissions. This will be to determine if the win should be passed to 2nd place, or if they feel the design deserves the win.
  • If your design does not win, you can still receive 15 coins for free, but only if it is chosen for production and carried on Weaponz Online.
  • Along with our social media, you can keep up with the latest information through our Weapons Roll Call page.
  • The winning design may have minor modifications/improvements before being sent to production.


  • Delivery of items and funds will have to be coordinated through the shop flight chief, or individuals in charge of your weapons fest with flight chiefs knowledge. Some of the items to be included will be:
    • A set of Remove Before Flight keychains for the weapons aircraft located at the base. (up to 100pcs)
    • A set of coins of the winning design. (up to 50pcs)
    • $200 in funds to help cover other expenses (beer) of the Weapons Fest.
  • After the winner is selected, expect a wait of about 4 to 7 weeks to receive your items, as the final designing process and manufacturing of the new coins will take some time.


  • In the event that the winner just had their own Weapons Fest, the winnings can be used to get ready for their next weapons fest, or put toward getting ready for any other weapons based event (BBQ, holiday party...).
  • Losing coin designs may be selected for production and sale on the website at any point after the contest.
    •    If your design is chosen at any point after the contest, the artist will receive 15 of their design for free.
  • All designs can be quoted for bulk discounted sales (100pcs+) if your unit would like to have them made.
  • All designs that are submitted and chosen for production will be available on the website for all weapons personnel to purchase, with proceeds going to
  • Designs are meant to be submitted on behalf of your unit, in order to raise funds for weapons based events. Winnings are not intended to go to an individual in the unit, for them to resell and raise their own personal funds.



If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to run this better, please contact Thomas at, all submissions should be made through the "Custom Challenge Coins" page.