Bulk Memberships

Bulk memberships are for those who want to make large orders; this is best for snack bars, booster clubs, or any other type of organization or business that plans to resell or offer promotional items. Our most common items bought in bulk begin to receive discounts when ordered at these quantities below, and pricing drops as you get into higher quantities.

  • Remove Before Flight Keychains: Minimum order of 50 pieces per design, or use our Mixed/Group buy listing for discounts on large orders of mixed designs.
  • Challenge Coins: Minimum order of 50 pieces
  • Flags: Minimum order of 5
  • All other items: Almost everything in the store is offered at discounted rates when bought in bulk, quantities required for discounts will vary based on the item.

If your bulk order exceeds our quantity on hand, your order will be sent in to be made at the time of purchase. Typical wait time can range from 16-25 days, based on the item and quantity ordered. If we have enough of the item in stock, we will get it shipped ASAP, usually the next business day.

Bulk Membership Request: