Booth Sponsorships - Airshows & Other Base Events

The purpose:
This sponsorship is for when your base has a large event coming up, whether it is an air show, a 4th of July fest, MPOY or any other major event. Any events that typically allow the base organizations to set up booths to sell items/raise funds. That's where the Booth Sponsorship comes in, allowing you to stock up on items and maximize your chances to raise funds.

What is in it for you:
You pay nothing up front. Initially an inventory is built of what will be sent. With this inventory you will know what reduced prices you will pay for which items, it will also show you projected profits based on if you sell at our suggest prices. Once the inventory is final, we will pay to ship you the items, you sell them at your event with a mark up and raise money.

What will you pay for:
After your event is over, you will pay to send back whatever you did not sell. Once a verification of inventory is completed on our end, you will pay the reduced pricing rates on the inventory for all the items sold (including items lost while in your possession). This payment can be made by paypal, or credit card.

Requirements (This program is in its beginning stages, so things may change as the best way to run it is determined):

  • Your base must be hosting a major event that allows your shop or private organization to participate in running a booth.
  • Your booth must be intended to raise money for your unit, not your personally owned booth that you are running for yourself.
  • Try to make request 4 to 6 weeks before your event, this allows time to make sure I have everything you may need in stock.
  • After everything is figured out, your WWM or flight chief will need to email us from a .gov email approving the sponsorship.
  • Turnaround time needs to try to remain minimum, so all items that were not sold at the event need to be returned within 7-10 days of them being received.

Booth Sponsorship Request:

Previous Sponsorships:
Hill AFB Air Show - 2018:
Issued 525 items for their air show which had 612,000 people attend over a period of 2 days, they made an estimated profit of $2000.

Edwards AFB Maintenance Professional of the Year  - 2019: Issued 425 items for the MPOY which had up to 200 people attend over a 1 day period, they made an estimated profit of $### (Pending).