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Orders of any 462/2W1 items go toward helping cover the cost of production for any new Weapons themed products, as well as helping cover the cost of the Annual Weapons Fest Sponsorship Contest. Each year the winning base is provided $200.00 money order, 50-100 custom remove before flight keychains, 50 of their customized challenge coin design, along with some weapons flags and other extras. With this money and free items, they could raise anywhere between $1,200.00 and $1,500.00 in funds to cover the cost of their Weapons Fest, or have a large selection of items to give away at their Weapons Fest.

Do not see what you're looking for? Submit a request on the Item Suggestions page, you can also have your own custom products make at the Custom Products page.

Weapons Playing Cards

Weapons Playing Cards

With over a year of planning out the overall deck, and 6 months of it spent going back and forth wit..


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