• BDU-33 Practice Bomb Replica

BDU-33 Practice Bomb Replica

This is a 3D printed replica of the BDU-33 practice bomb weapons munition, it breaks down into 3 parts, and is assembled/held together by hidden threaded connections. The inside is hollowed out, allowing you to store items inside, or add weight to make it more realistic. The 1:1 scale item is sized to match a real BDU-33, at approximately 22.5" long, with a 4" diameter.

The BDU-33 is a widely utilized 25-lb practice bomb in the United States Air Force (USAF), primarily employed for training purposes. Designed to mimic the size and weight of real munitions, the BDU-33 allows aircrews to practice delivery techniques without the expense or risks associated with live ordnance. Its blue coloration distinguishes it from live bombs, enhancing safety and ensuring easy identification during training exercises. Utilized across various USAF training facilities, the BDU-33 played a crucial role in honing the skills of pilots and ground crews, contributing to the overall readiness and effectiveness of the Air Force's combat capabilities.

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BDU-33 Practice Bomb Replica

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